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Mar 27

Part 5

The Reformation of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - Part 5

The Defamation of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - Part 2
The Defamation of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - Part 3

The Truth

The truth is PW seems to carry on PO's legacy, but in secret. It's all there if you look...but you do have to look. TJ said this near the end.
"All I really did was restate arguments made by The Snake Soup, and explain them more clearly for people having a difficult time understanding them."
Except, no he didn't. He just said what 'The Snake Soup' said, without ever checking it was right. Or knows it's wrong and just wants to bullshit his way out of being wrong. What's the point!? This whole argument regards a handful of people, and yes I include myself. I have sat here for nearly 4 months writing this, but I accept the chance that I could be wrong. I have never written something like this...
"And about the Japanese timeline having authority, I don't believe. I know."
That is an extremely arrogant thing to say, especially when you later admit bullshitting your way through the argument.

I'm prepared to be proven wrong. I'm only looking for right or wrong. I'm not playing a game of "I will prove myself to be right, no matter what I have to say to get there".

These are the things that need to be resolved.

If PO Is Canon

-We will discover what happened to Gene's money.

-Why Snake is on the run from the CIA?

-Why he's called "Vic Boss"?

-Where exactly does PW begin?

-What exactly happened between him a Zero?

As well as other things related to those.

If PO Is Not Canon

-Why does he believe The Boss to be a traitor?

-When did he find his own ideology?

-When did he become a leader?

-Where did he get the term "Outer Heaven" from?

As well as:-

-Why Snake is on the run from the CIA?

-Why he's called "Vic Boss"?

-Where exactly does PW begin?

-What exactly happened between him a Zero?

If PO isn't canon then the next game needs to explain more things than if it is canon. The next game can, of course, explain these things without PO. The key is Zero, how can a game possibly explain what happened between him and Snake without speaking about events in PO? PW did, but only by not mentioning Zero (and other events), so you must ask yourself "Why were these things not mentioned? Even though we already know about them?".

There is a third outcome though...nothing is resolved and we are once again left hanging without an answer. And that's all we really want...the truth.

To end, I think I should make it clear that I don't like laying into TJ and Jiko - I haven't really spoken to Jiko much anyway - but I feel it's necessary to do so. And there is one more thing people should know about TJ and Jiko...
"We're friends. I've known him for years."
"We met on another forum, so it was URL not IRL. After our old haunt, The Snake Soup, died of a graceless bludgeoned and now existing only as a shell of it's former self, we had a grace period for about a year before TJ joined here and requested me to induct myself along with him.
In that sense, if this place is Foxhound, I'm the Vulcan Raven to his Revolver Ocelot."
The Snake Soup was wonderful. But you can't help it when the site's owner stopped caring about the series.
Loyalty to the end. This is the end.
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