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The MGSF Acceptable Use Policy

Using Metal Gear Solid Forums (“MGSF”) automatically acknowledges your acceptance of Invisionfree Networks’ Privacy Policy and MGSF’s Acceptable Use Policy, the AUP. Changes to these can be made at any time, and use of the forums also indicates your acceptance to any modified and/or added terms.

Due to the dynamic nature of forum interaction, MGSF cannot vouch for any information presented in any post, and is not responsible for any actions taken as a result of messages posted. Posts reflect the views of the author, and not anyone else. If you believe a post is offensive and/or contains objectionable material, send a Personal Message to a staff member, and we will edit or delete the post as necessary.

Guidelines for acceptable behavior are as follows.

  • Flaming & Hateful Material – You will not post abusively, hatefully, or harmfully towards any member, and will treat all individuals and groups with respect. This also applies to your forum signature and avatar. Racial, sexual, and other hateful language (including slurs) will not be tolerated, regardless of context. Personal attacks are forbidden, and arguments and/or debates will take place in a reasonably sophisticated manner.

  • Profanity – You will refrain from excessive use of profanity, especially as relating to the matter noted above.

  • Pornographic/Disturbing Material – You will not post images or links to pornographic material of any kind. This includes websites that publicize obscene pop-ups and banners of that nature. Additionally, you will not post images of an intense graphical nature, especially pertaining to gore.

  • Spamming – You will not ruin topics by flooding, spamming, or posting clearly irrelevant material. Whether or not a post is spam will be judged by our staff, and is to their discretion. Double-posting will only be tolerated if a topic has been inactive for a 30-day period and if the reviving post attempts to further discussion. Again, this is to the staff’s discretion.

  • Written Form – So-called "l33t speak" will not be tolerated. Comprehensible grammar and language is expected, and regular use of capital letters is extremely encouraged.

  • Personal Information – You will not, under any circumstance, post personal information of another member on the forum. This includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, names, and contact information.

  • Illegal Activities – You will not discuss unlawful activities and will not violate any laws through the forum. Punishment for such will be a permanent ban. However, do note that it's all a matter of context and severity; like in the case of drugs: we allow for discussion on the matter as long as the discussion is primarily based around opinions and not organizing or promoting their use. We do not encourage or condone such acts of drug use, but we understand that opinions can be expressed.

  • Forgery – You will not engage in forgery of any kind. Impersonation, illegal manipulation, general forgery, and plagiarism are not acceptable. Proxy IP addresses, if discovered, will be banned.

  • Piracy – You will not engage in Internet piracy or in the sharing or distributing of viruses, licenses, registration information, or any other pirated or "cracked" information. Discussion offering information on illegal file-sharing networks will not be tolerated.

  • Advertising – You will not advertise or solicit any service, webpage, or other offer on MGSF outside of your signature. Advertising does not explicitly imply asking others to visit your site; any link to a personal website in a post will be regarded as advertising, and will be removed. In absolutely no place on the forum will you solicit false schemes such as pyramid schemes, chain schemes, or any other similar offer.

  • Restricted Pages – You will not attempt to access any normally restricted pages on the forum, namely the Administrative Control Panel or another member’s account. Such offenses will result in a ban.

  • Staff Instructions – You will heed any and all commands a moderator may give you regarding posting and personal messaging habits.

  • Multiple Accounts – You will not create or use multiple accounts. Doing so will result in an automatic ban for both accounts and you will no longer be welcomed on the board.

  • Avatar & Signature – You are entitled to an avatar and are allowed to have images in your signature, but in both cases the images must be a "web-safe" file-size, preferably under 500kb. Additionally, your signature must be no larger in height than 350-400px as to avoid excessive scrolling. Signatures and avatars may be removed at the staff's discretion.

  • Ripping – You will refrain from taking other people's work and claiming it as your own. This includes both artwork as well as written material.

  • Spoilers – If you are presenting spoilers of any sort, you will use spoiler tags; failing to do so will result in a warning. Although we no longer require that spoilers regarding Metal Gear Solid 4 be wrapped in spoiler tags, we still encourage members to use them. Refer to this topic.

    A spoiler constitutes any information on characters, game locations, story elements, or dialogue. Information on weapons, camouflages, or other "accessories" are not considered spoilers.

  • Name Changes – Name changes are permitted at administrator discretion via PM. You may not request a name change more than once a year.

  • BBCode Abuse - Any manipulation of BBCode is forbidden with special focus towards auto-playing flash tags.

The standard punishment for infractions is one warning unless otherwise stated. A punishment can be raised or lowered at the collective staff’s discretion, and only at the collective staff’s discretion.

A member may sustain up to two warnings without any additional punishment. After three warnings, a two-week posting suspension will be placed on the member. After four, a four-week posting suspension will be placed on the member. Five warnings constitutes a permanent ban, and will not be lifted, except under extreme circumstances.

Warning reductions can be requested after a 12 month period without any infractions by PM'ing an administrator. You will be notified if you are granted a reduction within 7 days. This is entirely at staff discretion.

MGSF will not accept applications to become a member of the staff.

MGSF claims no responsibility for any content posted on the forum. We remain protected from any legal claim or demand.

We thank you for using the forum, and implore you to abide by the rules to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you,
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