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Metal Gear Solid: Other

Posted Image

Metal Gear General

Regular Forum Metal Gear Solid Movie
Talk about the movie behind the game, your favorite cast, or Philanthropy, the fan-made movie out of Italy.
Kojima/Arad probably want Kiefer to play S… Nov 18 2014, 06:12:26 PM, By ideologic
Topics: 123 Replies: 3,664
Regular Forum Poll Voting
Vote on your favourite parts of the series!
Best Metal Gear Game? Nov 19 2014, 05:52:28 AM, By Cordlessimpact
Topics: 54 Replies: 2,568
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Metal Gear General
Pinned Topics
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 24
Read This: Poll: Official MG and MG2: SS Remake Thread
hukkel 476 5,120
Nov 20 2014, 08:53:57 AM
Last Post By: Cordlessimpact
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 39
Read This: Show Off Your MGS Collection
Anthony79 767 85,880
Nov 11 2014, 06:17:53 PM
Last Post By: kadosho
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 96
The Metal Gear Solid Trivia Game: Season 4
How much do you know of the Metal Gear Solid series?
Sneaking Suit 1,906 16,114
Today, 7:13 PM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 2
Order of Personal Favorites of the Series and Why
An explanation
SilvergreyEagle 30 517
Today, 1:16 AM
Last Post By: Inspector_Swag
Regular MGS HD Collection - Alternative Cover
DeadSoldier 3 142
Yesterday, 9:37 AM
Last Post By: DeadSoldier
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 2
Which MGS character do you think is the most important?
kim kim 27 389
Yesterday, 12:45 AM
Last Post By: ilikepoop
Regular Least favorite MGS moments / plot devices?
Along with our "favorites," naturally we all have scenes we would have rather gone without...
ideologic 6 77
Nov 21 2014, 06:03:10 PM
Last Post By: Devil Boss
Regular What's your favourite scenes from all MGS games
Ishmael Snake 8 123
Nov 19 2014, 02:55:05 PM
Last Post By: ideologic
Locked remakes of Metal Gears
Cordlessimpact 2 39
Nov 19 2014, 02:49:39 PM
Last Post By: DrEdArgon
Regular Metal Gear Collab Project
Let's work toghether
Nov 14 2014, 10:21:46 PM
Regular The most innocent MGS character
Skullsuit 13 166
Nov 13 2014, 03:00:46 PM
Last Post By: Crimson Rex
Regular David Hayter answers fan questions
Silent Assassin 7 117
Nov 12 2014, 05:06:29 PM
Last Post By: ideologic
Regular Metal---Gear---Solid → Android custom Home Screen
Snake infiltrated my android tablet......
WILandroid 2 56
Nov 11 2014, 05:40:48 PM
Last Post By: WILandroid
Hot Topic Has Kojima ever commented on the homosexual undertones in MGS games?
Aviala 15 252
Nov 11 2014, 05:34:24 PM
Last Post By: kadosho
Regular A small Metal Gear Solid Quiz
Cursedcommoner 7 108
Nov 9 2014, 07:38:50 PM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Regular solidus more honorable then liquid, is this the consensus
dragonknight 7 282
Nov 9 2014, 06:06:19 PM
Last Post By: Cursedcommoner
Regular My liquid Impression
Bladen 5 130
Nov 7 2014, 02:05:08 AM
Last Post By: Skullsuit
Regular Big Boss Cosplay/Halloween
ZhasCOME2 5 173
Nov 1 2014, 10:53:30 PM
Last Post By: uncensored
Regular I'm hoping to build a replica of big boss's bionic arm what would I need to build one
For a Halloween party next year
NitrousOnTheEdge 1 93
Nov 1 2014, 03:20:38 PM
Last Post By: Gene
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