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Metal Gear Solid: Other

Posted Image

Metal Gear General

Regular Forum Metal Gear Solid Movie
Talk about the movie behind the game, your favorite cast, or Philanthropy, the fan-made movie out of Italy.
Movie Director cast? Today, 10:13 AM, By Ef9 o shea
Topics: 123 Replies: 3,654
Regular Forum Poll Voting
Vote on your favourite parts of the series!
Sexiest Female Character Yesterday, 5:07 PM, By Demon
Topics: 54 Replies: 2,552
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Metal Gear General
Pinned Topics
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Read This: Poll: Official MG and MG2: SS Remake Thread
hukkel 475 4,927
Oct 1 2014, 06:51:34 PM
Last Post By: Stuicide87
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 39
Read This: Show Off Your MGS Collection
Anthony79 766 85,123
1 user viewing
Sep 5 2014, 10:29:12 PM
Last Post By: baldgye
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Hot Topic
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  • 67
The Metal Gear Solid Trivia Game: Season 4
How much do you know of the Metal Gear Solid series?
Sneaking Suit 1,325 11,992
Today, 10:31 AM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
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  • 22
Metal Gear Remake
We need you!
Ratylird 427 10,264
Today, 1:05 AM
Last Post By: Mr. Tibbs
Regular I just finished replaying the whole series and I have a lot of unanswered questions.
DannyFilming 7 221
Yesterday, 8:51 PM
Last Post By: ADAMska87
Regular Stealth Camo
How does one wear it?
Yesterday, 8:21 PM
Last Post By: Inspector_Swag
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
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  • 2
they simply cannot bring back hayter
dragonknight 33 589
Oct 18 2014, 12:54:55 PM
Last Post By: KoRnFlakes
Regular solidus more honorable then liquid, is this the consensus
dragonknight 4 184
Oct 14 2014, 07:09:56 PM
Last Post By: liquidussnakenanos
Regular Your favorite MGS Soldier!
steeleman 10 260
Oct 13 2014, 10:13:22 PM
Last Post By: Mar
Regular Metal Gear Solid On PC
My friend and I made a petition and we are petitioning to get the Metal Gear Solid games on PC.
Ninjatony5 0 21
Oct 11 2014, 06:54:25 PM
Last Post By: Ninjatony5
Hot Topic
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  • 12
Official MGS Figure Thread
NateDog 232 1,134
Oct 11 2014, 11:20:40 AM
Last Post By: Silent Assassin
Hot Topic Which MGS character do you think is the most important?
kim kim 18 212
Oct 8 2014, 11:46:07 AM
Last Post By: Silent Assassin
Hot Topic Fox engine remakes
Stuicide87 18 170
Oct 6 2014, 08:03:47 PM
Last Post By: Inspector_Swag
Locked Signed Metal Gear Solid PS3 System !
intro9 2 77
Oct 6 2014, 05:35:36 AM
Last Post By: DrEdArgon
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 5
Hayter's voice acting quality?
Sovereign Praeventores 91 1,593
Oct 2 2014, 07:45:48 PM
Last Post By: Stuicide87
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 8
Solid Snake defeating Big Boss is not that impressive
LibertySon500 149 2,109
Oct 2 2014, 03:23:31 PM
Last Post By: Stuicide87
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 10
The Future of MGS after The Phantom Pain
General discussion about MGS after TPP
DatDerpyGamer 188 225
Oct 2 2014, 11:04:52 AM
Last Post By: Stuicide87
Regular The Basics of CQC
Doakes 4 111
Oct 2 2014, 02:57:20 AM
Last Post By: Devil Boss
Sneaking Suit 2 112
Oct 1 2014, 06:52:00 PM
Last Post By: Sneaking Suit
Locked how much did solid snake know of his genetic origin
dragonknight 2 84
Sep 27 2014, 02:27:22 PM
Last Post By: black king
Hot Topic Punished Snake vs Solid Snake Video!
doubleo sigint 14 350
Sep 23 2014, 10:19:46 PM
Last Post By: black king
Regular Where does Sniper Wolf's name come from?
How is it related to her being a Kurd?
Hawke_AB 7 254
Sep 22 2014, 05:24:25 PM
Last Post By: Mr. Tibbs
Regular Big Boss Cosplay/Halloween
ZhasCOME2 1 75
Sep 22 2014, 12:13:18 PM
Last Post By: Inspector_Swag
  • Pages:
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  • 3
Poll: Still got Love for MGS?
Are you still interested in MGS?
Zan Datsu 47 844
Sep 21 2014, 10:02:43 PM
Last Post By: GohanLSSJ2
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