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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3Ds
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Hot Topic Is this worth getting for ds?
Dreammaster695 18 2,071
Jan 29 2018, 12:04:00 PM
Last Post By: Galactus123
Regular 3 things id like to know about MGS3D
marksmandan 4 1,648
Jan 5 2018, 07:15:58 PM
Last Post By: To4oo4
Regular A ridiculous problem fighting the Fear on 3DS
JFate 4 1,056
Jan 5 2018, 07:13:02 PM
Last Post By: To4oo4
Regular Strange Finds In MGS3D?
DeadSoldier 11 2,106
Jan 5 2018, 07:10:41 PM
Last Post By: To4oo4
Regular Performance on new 3DS vs old.
El Psy Kongroo 9 2,159
Jan 4 2018, 09:41:34 PM
Last Post By: To4oo4
Regular Planned Feature: EXTRA OPS
Unused/Unimplemented Data
DeadSoldier 4 1,134
Oct 9 2017, 09:04:31 PM
Last Post By: DeadSoldier
Regular What is the consensus on this one?
Is it any good?
G-Money-2017 2 805
Mar 24 2017, 11:02:38 PM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Regular MGS3 on 3DS
Opinions on MGS3 on 3DS
deadkev19 4 2,684
Nov 4 2015, 11:25:01 PM
Last Post By: sadistic_greyfox
Regular Halloween Costume Idea - Big Boss' Snake Eater ending suit
MarchWaltz 0 626
Sep 26 2015, 06:12:57 PM
Last Post By: MarchWaltz
Regular MGS3D Digital Re-release on 3DS eShop w/ Theme
DeadSoldier 11 1,885
Feb 15 2015, 02:26:51 AM
Last Post By: Hype_dragon1994
Regular Tsuchinoko
Change of location from PS2?
Black Cat 8 3,225
Oct 8 2014, 08:52:13 AM
Last Post By: Hype_dragon1994
Regular Why was the first trailer a total lie?
Captain Jack Sparrow 4 1,476
Aug 5 2013, 02:11:48 AM
Last Post By: The Doctor
Moved Moved: Did Snake and The Boss were lovers?
Regular MGS 3D cant unlock chicken rank.
samueltky 0 1,310
Jun 23 2013, 04:55:47 AM
Last Post By: samueltky
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 2
Faded into obscurity?
BULUPTAX 20 2,530
Apr 23 2013, 04:25:35 PM
Last Post By: Warmonger
Poll Poll: 3D vs HD
The decision!
BusterHarvey 8 3,158
Feb 21 2013, 10:09:24 AM
Last Post By: TheVrajMeister
Moved Moved: Neverending loading screen
Regular Snake Eater 3D - Gamescom 2011 Screenshots
Gouda Jouji 9 1,874
Jul 7 2012, 04:33:47 AM
Last Post By: kelton305
Regular Length of the game?
Archer 11 1,574
Jul 5 2012, 03:23:25 PM
Last Post By: Purple fox
Regular Para-medic talks about Yoshi
CardCaptorDeadpool 1 1,429
Mar 21 2012, 01:08:25 AM
Last Post By: Ruciful
Hot Topic
  • Pages:
  • 1
  • 2
New voice acting ?
Solid Chrome 23 3,103
Mar 7 2012, 12:59:19 AM
Last Post By: OzwaldTheCrab
Locked Will the MGS 3D Premuim Pakage be released worldwide?
marksmandan 3 925
Mar 6 2012, 01:41:17 AM
Last Post By: Archer
Regular Demo impressions?
Protagoras 12 1,334
Feb 23 2012, 10:55:20 PM
Last Post By: blueblob
Regular The value of Snake Eater 3D
Protagoras 9 1,738
Dec 20 2011, 12:30:04 AM
Last Post By: Protagoras
Regular So who is getting it when it is first released?
Weedle_McHairybug 2 1,200
Dec 12 2011, 04:01:24 AM
Last Post By: Tollhouse
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