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MGSV: Ground Zeroes

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MGSV: Ground Zeroes
Pinned Topics
Hot Topic Read This: Ground Zeroes Chat Topic
Gene 2,509 57,676
Mar 30 2016, 09:59:05 AM
Last Post By: Fogger
Hot Topic
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Read This: [spoilers] Ground Zeroes 100% Guide
Cassettes, S ranks, Trials.
DrEdArgon 40 55,362
Aug 18 2015, 12:20:58 AM
Last Post By: angryification
Dirty Duck 16 8,294
Aug 7 2015, 03:14:47 AM
Last Post By: The Departed
Hot Topic
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Read This: spoiler-free user reviews thread
because dem critics can't be trusted, amirite?
The Departed 23 8,292
Apr 24 2014, 09:25:33 PM
Last Post By: Snake Eater
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Hot Topic Does anyone else feel like they spent too much on this game?
kim kim 15 2,184
May 12 2018, 03:00:52 AM
Last Post By: Doakes
Regular "Ground Zeroes" POWs to "Phantom Pain"
zubzub13 2 743
Mar 15 2018, 02:19:46 AM
Last Post By: 0zerocypher0
Regular Ground Zeroes Side Ops Timeline
zubzub13 4 217
Mar 15 2018, 02:18:32 AM
Last Post By: 0zerocypher0
Regular Here's to you, phantom
Puma 2 1,339
May 23 2017, 11:58:45 AM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Hot Topic
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Ground Zeroes Companion App Thread
Discussion for Ground Zeroes Companion App
That Fat Hispanic 137 7,546
May 22 2017, 01:48:58 PM
Last Post By: Ef9 o shea
Hot Topic
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A pseudo Hitorical Recreation
whats going on?
Fnkor 35 5,946
Dec 9 2016, 10:28:30 PM
Last Post By: hugoboss9718
Hot Topic
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  • 10
Official MGSV:GZ Ghost Run Thread
No Reflex / No Weapons / No Hold Ups on Hard
Revolver_FOX 198 10,177
Sep 20 2016, 08:08:56 AM
Last Post By: NeverBeGameOver
Regular Erasing the Upload Data on Xbox One?
TwisterVictor1 0 568
Sep 5 2016, 05:40:50 PM
Last Post By: TwisterVictor1
Regular XOF Patches and Cassette Tapes
Tim8629 2 1,281
Apr 27 2016, 12:19:41 PM
Last Post By: DrEdArgon
Regular Major glitch?
Walllessfury 7 1,519
Apr 19 2016, 02:03:24 AM
Last Post By: 0zerocypher0
Regular Mission N313 DLC for MGSV TPP
Millersperfectburger 2 1,195
Mar 18 2016, 05:47:04 PM
Last Post By: Silent Assassin
Hot Topic
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  • 3
What if MSF survived the attack?
The Phantom Snake 47 3,122
Feb 23 2016, 01:45:12 AM
Last Post By: Skullsuit
Regular Mission unlock ?
Serdar5355 4 1,000
Jan 19 2016, 01:24:13 AM
Last Post By: narwhalsnbears
Regular GZ save data upload 360
Upload data not appearing
Arpaktico 1 716
Dec 12 2015, 12:53:32 AM
Last Post By: dukepliskin
Regular Glitchy sound
Dustifier 3 601
Dec 1 2015, 07:02:08 PM
Last Post By: Intandem
Regular I did the main mission with cqc only on hard and would like it if you guys and gals checked it out
golden era gaming 5 959
Oct 21 2015, 12:13:46 PM
Last Post By: snake710
Regular Trouble with GZ on XB ONE
Unable to update & Upload
Jericholyte 5 939
Oct 8 2015, 05:06:39 PM
Last Post By: DarkWat3rs
Regular Mother Base
when does it upgrade?
commander2001 1 875
Sep 28 2015, 05:08:04 AM
Last Post By: JohnnyC
Regular Missing Rewards?
Final reward doesn't unlock?
ThunderPeel2001 3 1,159
Sep 19 2015, 01:35:16 PM
Last Post By: ThunderPeel2001
Regular Anyone else have this problem?
Jvd808 0 576
Sep 17 2015, 08:08:54 AM
Last Post By: Jvd808
Hot Topic
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PSA: Ground Zeroes update
KoRnFlakes 23 2,605
Sep 4 2015, 06:14:11 PM
Last Post By: AbudJasemAlBaldawi
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