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Jun 14 2018, 02:05:00 AM
A massive rant I apparently needed to get out. You all may be better off ignoring this. Kinda off-topic as well.

I promise I'm being a nice guy, though. I ain't mad at any of ya despite how it may appear. I apologize if I'm the one coming across as the douche canoe now, and yes that's my new favorite nickname for anyone that annoys me.
But yeah, I'd say she was doing more than just drinking alcohol. She was clearly fucked up. Would I have said the word in her situation? Probably not, but I don't blame her for doing it. I also don't think Kendrick was overly dickish to her about it. I just found the whole situation very odd, especially the crowd reaction.
It's really not drivel at all. And for every 'popular, successful' etc. black person you can pull out of a hat to support your point, I can do so too. Maya Angelou, Richard Pryor, a lot of these people believe(/d) in the empowerment of black identity through the use of language, particularly the use of the word to empower themselves. The only reason it's seen as such however, and it is continued to be used by the black community, is thanks to white people (and yeah, a fucking lot more than anyone would like to admit) still use it to refer to and oppress black people on a daily basis. Where I come from in the UK have a lot of white people still use the words 'coon', 'wog' and 'schwoog' to refer to black people who they dislike. That's a fucking gross way of referring to people, and believe it or not, I do think many black individuals using it in a secluded way within singular communities will definitely help people come to terms with the prejudice they've previously faced. I don't give a shit if you don't believe it, but read books like Black Power: The Politics of Liberation and other Stokely Carmichael works, or Revolutionary Suicide, and they all address the same thing with the same ideology.

Also, using MLK as a point to support your argument is drivel in my opinion. He's used by white people as an example because (in his later life) he was an advocate for middle-class white politics and succumbing to white US culture, he's entirely different and actually quite distanced from many viewpoints present and preached within the black power politics we've seen throughout our time. Besides, Stokely Carmichael specifically states many times that violence is NOT the first solution, that again is a White Middle-class way of viewing his political agenda, read his or Huey P. Newton's books and you'll realise they first advocate a mode of strong independence for black individuals as a way of regaining their place in society. Not through violence, but through a distancing of 'white liberal allies' do Carmichael and Newton seek to get black rights on track. That's why the two of them were idolised so much in places like China when they took delegations there, because they seeked a drastic movement away from status quo politics in order to gain their way.

And honestly, when it comes down to it, I actually disagree with many aspects of my own points articulated in this discussion at large, that's because it isn't a simple thing we can easily solve and communicate through this way. Each point we raise has 100 points behind that, and so-on and so-forth, it's just not something I can feasibly talk about and even be certain of my own points raised because there are so many aspects of it coming from either side.

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