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The Departed
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Your friendly neighborhood truck

Rapper man shouldn't have asked a white girl to sing along to a song that uses slurs he and audience wouldn't like heard from white people.

White peoples shouldn't use slurs or undermine the history of those words when spoken by anyone besides black people.

Lest we forget, racism is not a thing of the past.

Last week, a buncha white boys driving by did the jihad yodel at me when we were at a red light.

If my cousin did that, I'd have a giggle or two. Some strangers not my ethnicity nor do they know me, less amusing.

So even if the intent isn't shitty, these days especially, it's a reminder that there's still plenty of shitty people out there putting others down because has tag mastertrumprace
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Dirty Duck
Duck as sake no bidibgeybfbfhailhydradrinkn:(

awards and such

r.i.p. to the coolest dude we'll ever know :gary:
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