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Grab that cane, pop that vicoden and tell them bitches it's not lupus!
Something I thought of last night...when the Snake Eater mission begins and The Boss snatches Naked Snakes 1911, disassembles it and just drops the parts on the ground...why couldn't Snake just pick them back up and put it back together? He's already got a pretty big military career and I'm pretty sure that disassembling and reassembling sidearms is something he would've been taught in basic training.

Not to mention how he practically jizzes his pants when Eva gives him the custom 1911 and goes through each part in detail, and goes into even more detail when you call SIGINT with it equipped, so he should've already been able to reassemble it while blindfolded.
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You ever wonder...if any of the MGS franchise rations...includes pancakes?

Jack Daniels Whiskey, for when you want to touch as many people as possible!
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