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FOXHOUND Rank in Portable Ops; What are the requirements?
Topic Started: Nov 6 2011, 03:32:09 AM (2,385 Views)
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Jail Guard
Recently, I have busied myself with Portable Ops, an excellent yet extremely underrated Metal Gear Solid title. I've played through the game two times on Extreme and it was enjoyable (except for the Final boss fight).

The Only Rank I can obtain on Extreme seems to be Tsuchinoko (what's a Tsuchinoko?) and this came from doing perfect runs with no kills, alerts, re-starts or comrades lost. Am I missing something? I rarely used Medics or Rations at all in my playthroughs, and I only feel the need to save 5 times.

Is there a certain number of soldiers I must recruit as a requirement, and what is the restriction on times saved?


Also, I'm playing the original game on storyline mode, not MPO+.
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Kazuhira Miller
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i'm not sure about portable ops but, i know in mgs2 you had to win the game in under eight hours, you could not get noticed, you couldn't kill anyone, and you could not heal yourself.
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Thanks for the response :) ah yes, in MGS2 the time requirement was 3 hours which already made it very difficult, however, the person who decided 8 saves was enough for MGS2 deserves a punch in the jaw. :P

Back to the topic at hand, I finally figured out most of the criteria for MPO. It is almost exactly the same as in Snake Eater (less than 5 hours, no alerts/kills/continues) except recovery items can be used, which helped me retain my sanity as it probably would've been impossible to stamina-kill Gene with a single health/stamina bar, and you also cannot lose any comrades (being killed whilst playing as bonus characters such as Ocelot will still count as a lost comrade).

The main necessary requirement to secure FOXHOUND in MPO is to recruit 100 or more comrades in a single play-through, which is more time consuming than difficult. I went to the airport stage before fighting Cunningham and with Major Zero and the Ga-ko Soldier, used the Cardboard Box trick to capture 4 enemies within a few minutes, adding up the total on paper as I did it. Also, the soldiers will only be counted as recruits once they accept to join your club.

Overall, I found this to be one of the easiest games in which to achieve the highest rank, it just takes preparation, knowing where to place spies and practice for some of the harder boss fights (Gene is possibly the most brutal final boss in the series on Extreme). This is still an incredible game that I strongly recommend, even though it's hard to get back into after playing PW. My final stats below.

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Lance Coconut
If you're still wondering what a tsuchinoko is.... click here
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Full requirements:

Difficulty: Extreme
Playtime: 5 hours or less
Times saved: 25 or less
Restarts: 0
Alerts: 0
Humans Killed: 0
Comrades Secured: 100 or more
Comrades Killed: 0
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Jail Guard
Peter Dinklage once referred to himself as Portable actor.
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