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Topic Started: Dec 19 2013, 03:31:43 PM (1,416 Views)
black king
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...Burger King?

-MGSF Organization FAQ-

Welcome to the Organization FAQ topic. This is designed to answer any questions you may have about organizations and how they work. In your time on the board, you may have noticed people who have buttons under their names. Ones like this for example:

Posted Image

Here you'll find the answers to some commonly asked questions about organizations, what they do, and why we have them.

Q: So what are organizations?

A: Organizations or 'orgs' are social groups that are designed to increase social activity on the forum. They are made by members with the intention of strengthening bonds with members of MGSF. Because of this, it is important to join an org' with like minded members as yourself.

Q: So they're member made...does that mean I can make one?

A: Yes. But you must have at least 1,000 posts to create your own organization, some graphics (namely a button), and a small member base. You can't be an organization by yourself. Full details can be found here.

Q: Alright so how about joining one?

A: Joining an organization is fairly simple. Just go to their recruitment topic and post that you'd like to join. Keep in mind though you must have a minimum of 50 posts to join any org' as per MGSF rules. Individual orgs can make this requirement higher and have other requirements as well (within reason).

Q: The org' I want to join has no recruitment topic! What Now?

A: Some organizations choose to be invite only, check out this thread for details on organizations (A PM to show your interest may go a long way though).

Q: Okay, I'll join one but what benefits will I get?

A: Well you'll get access to two new forums. One of them is your organization's private forum where only members of your org' and the admins can visit. These forums are where organization members talk amongst themselves, plan changes to the org, and discuss recruits.

The second is the Organization Alliance forum. This forum is where all members from all orgs can chat. Organization Alliance is often considered to be one of the more enjoyable areas of MGSF due to the banter, competitions, and org' projects such as podcasts, awards and videos that are posted up for all to enjoy.

Q: An org' put me on probation. What does that mean?

A: Probation is when an organization feels they don't know enough about you and your habits to make an immediate yes/no decision. During probation, some orgs will have a probation signature for you to use if you like and will be watching your posting and activity habits. Probation isn't forever (usually a week at the most) and at the end they will tell you yes or no.

Q: An org' rejected me. Why? Can I reapply?

A: Organizations can reject anyone for any reason. Usually it's due to bad posting habits, activity levels, or feeling you may not fit in with the rest of the org'. A PM to a member of the org' that said no to your application asking for feedback is a good way to see where you may need to improve.

To answer your second question, yes you can apply again. But applying the second after you got a no probably won't solve the issue. Take time to figure out why you were rejected (self-analysis or by PM'ing a member) and work on it and show them you've improved.

Q: So I'm not too active. Should I still try to join?

A: Organizations are about having fun and getting to know other people first and foremost. You're not required to do anything extra, so there is no need to be put off if you have no graphic skills or anything like that. As mentioned, the org' scene is all about having fun and enjoying your time on the forum

Q: I'm not happy with the org I'm in anymore. Is it possible to leave?

A: Yes you simply need to PM an admin to do so. You will then be made org-less and free to join another in the future if you like.

If you have any questions that aren't listed here, feel free to PM a member of the staff and ask.
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