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Locked Topic
Wank Wank Einstein Recruitment Terminal; Come join this elite force of Equation Solving [s]wankers[/s] Wrestlers
Topic Started: Jul 12 2016, 01:24:44 AM (736 Views)
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Avocados at law.

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Wank Wank Einstein (WWE) is now recruiting new members, fresh blood is always welcome.

Wank Wank Einstein isn't a Science appreciation society, a Mathematic theory club or a Wrestlemania Mania (Though, we welcome that, as we welcome any form of discussion in its entirety in WWE) but it's a place of fun, socialising and getting to know each other and becoming more integrated as part of the forum.

As a Wank Wank Einstein member, you will be part of a regularly active gaming group, of whom plays a variety of online games across different platforms, and also engages in TV, Movie and Anime chat. If you have any particular question, just ask one of our members through PM or on the forum.

To join WWE, you must be:

1. At 50 or above in post count.
2. Obey the rules of the forum.

Wank Wank Einstein has probation signatures you are welcome to use whilst you may be in recruitment talks. See below for the signature.
Posted Image

Once you are accepted into the ranks of WWE, you are welcome to use this signature template. See the example below.
Posted Image

Take a look at what our current members have to say about it!
Rarest Pepe
this is even better than anime hunters

Max Payne
Though I consider myself probably one of the biggest weeaboos on the forum, fond of Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and most of all, Bleach. When Jassassino posed the idea of Wank Wank Einstein to me instead of a Digimon Org, I just had to say yes to it.

When you've been a member on the forums for as long as I have, you know which orgs are going to just work. Wank Wank Einstein is THAT org.

I put a lot of time and effort into making my own website and forums, but Wank Wank Einstein was such a good idea, I just had to put all of that on hold and never even visit the site I made again!

Good luck with your recruitment, and may you have a pleasant time browsing MGSF!
Edited by Jassassino, Jul 12 2016, 02:29:44 AM.
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Rest in Peace, OS.

Welcome to the Gallery
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A Worthless Piece of Shit
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Flying Spaghetti Monster

Hello I'd like to Join WWE. I have 6000 posts and I obey the rules of the Forum.

Hank Hill, Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane.
Is Hideo Kojima of gay descent?
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Max Payne's Ramblings
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The Baneposter
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Only me

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