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Who said "V has come to."?; Question to a native english speaker.
Topic Started: Dec 12 2017, 09:41:26 AM (500 Views)
Jail Guard
Hi. ^_^
i wanna make sure if it is correct or not....
I am japanese and play of course all MGS in japanese too.

Who said the "V HAS COME TO?".
actually, in Japanese version, the voice does sounds like ELI!
but in english version, it sounds someone who has an accent. So, probably, a nurse...

Cuz my mother tongue is not english, I am in fact not sure if I can trust my ears...I know ELI has a strong british accent though.
In some japanese chat communities, people say it is Eli, or even Chico!! He is dead right?!

Plese tell me, from your english native ears, that it was from nurse in Cypros.
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Light Infantry
It was Johnny.
Validated after 4 years.
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A nutjob without borders

There's no official answer but probably nurse. It is the trigger word for awaking venom from the hypnotic coma ocelot kept him in
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Still we carry you.

Dec 12 2017, 02:08:10 PM
There's no official answer but probably nurse. It is the trigger word for awaking venom from the hypnotic coma ocelot kept him in
No, it's the phrase used to communicate he is awake.
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Devil Badger
A Patriot AI...monitoring his vital signs...
I would feel real trapped if I didn't know that I could commit suicide at any moment...
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I can answer that.For money.
I thought he was kidding, but I
soon realized that Mr. Kojima was serious.

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El Psy Kongroo
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We never lost control.
It was the Cyprus nurse.
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"Is dying really that scary to you?"
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Jail Guard
On my version I am 90% sure it is the same voice as the iDroid - a female voice with an Australian accent.
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Neither enemy nor Friend
I always thought it was Quiet, when she was attacking the hospital she murmured something similar to this line.
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A Big Crocodile
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Filthy casuals

It was Grey Fox aka Raiden.
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